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Pokemon GO Trainer Level Up Guide: Tips To Earn XP Fast

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Strengthening your creatures in is only half the battle in Pokemon GO as you will also be tasked with levelling up yourselves as well. As with any other game, Niantic introduced a levelling system in the mobile title. Having a higher trainer?level allows you to get better Pokemon and rewards. It?s not as easy as grinding through enemies, so here are a few levelling tips.

Catch ?Em All

This is the most surefire way to get more exp in Pokemon GO. Capturing one type of a Pokemon for the first time will bag players 500 XP, while succeeding captures will give 100 XP. This means that being a very active Pokemon trainer will make you reach the highest levels quicker than usual.

Use Items Wisely

Since catching Pokemon is the best way to level up, you need to make sure that you get the most out of each catch. There are several items that can significantly help in levelling up quicker. First is the Lucky Egg that doubles XP. Then there?s Incense and Lure Module that attracts nearby Pokemon for a set period of time.

Simply stay put in a Poke Stop if you?re using a Lure Module, or just travel anywhere if you?re using an Incense to encounter a lot of Pokemon. Once the encounters become frequent, use the Lucky Egg to double the XP. This means that you?ll get 1000 XP for new Pokemon and 200 for the same encounters.

Every Throw Counts

Now that you?re in battle, you might as well prepare to get the most of XP, even if it?s only a few. If you throw PokeBalls with a bit of effort, you?ll be rewarded with a measly 10 XP; 20 XP with Incense or Lure Modules. It?s not much, but it will still help you level up quicker in Pokemon GO.

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