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Pokemon GO Level Cap: Will Niantic Increase Level Cap?

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Pokemon GO

A few weeks after Pokemon GO launched in the App Store and Play Store, one player has managed to do the daunting task of reaching the level 40 cap of the game. Not much really changes when the level 40 cap is hit, but the rewards for hitting the max level hints at Niantic possibly increasing the level cap pretty soon.

Redditor Problemz is the first player to hit the level 40 cap of Pokemon GO, and he did so with the use of a bot. His set of rewards are bountiful as it includes 40 Ultraballs, 40 Max Potions, 40 Max Revives, 40 Razz Berries, four Incenses, four Incubators, four Lure Modules and four Lucky Eggs. The other rewards aren?t that surprising, but what is weird though is that the player was rewarded with four Lucky Eggs.

In Pokemon GO, Lucky Eggs can double all the XP a player can get in a set time. What make?s getting Lucky Eggs as a reward at hitting level 40 is that the player literally has no use for it. The game doesn?t allow item trading, swapping or selling, so the Lucky Eggs are really useless.

The fact that Niantic gives this item as a reward hints that it might increase the level cap sometime in the future. Increasing the level cap does a lot of things to the game as Pokemon will also become stronger. A Pokemon?s max level is double the level of the player, which means the current max level for Pokemon now is 80.

Niantic may be caught off guard with the player?s quick accomplishment of the feat. Hitting the max level requires the player to get 50,000 XP from the transition to level 39 to 40. With the game?s low XP reward system, this could?ve taken months to do.

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