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Pokemon GO Level Cap: Rewards Revealed For Reaching Level 40

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A player has apparently reached level 40 in Pokemon GO. After hitting the level cap, the player confirmed the rewards available on the last level of the game. ?According to the screenshot shared by the player, he got 40 Ultra Balls, maximum Revives, Razz Berries, maximum Potions, four Incense, four Lucky Eggs, four Lure Modules and four Incubators.

Pokemon GO Level 40

Many players were expecting that there would be something more interesting on level 40 of Pokemon GO, but the revelations by the Reddit user suggest that there are just common items. According to the user, he has not achieved this by playing the game the legitimate way. He said that he just wanted to see what?s on level 40, which is the level cap in the game.

The player used a script to beat the game. The image he shared clearly indicates that he has achieved 5 million XP, which is difficult to do, though there are tricks to earn more XP rewards for your gameplay. The user plans to send an email to Niantic about this, and according to him, he?ll ask the company to deactivate his Pokemon GO account.

The player used a bot to beat the game to reach the last level. He said that he didn?t fight Gym battles just to make sure that the gameplay doesn?t get ruined for genuine players. He said that he just used the script to know what else is there at the last level of the game, and because of his curiosity, he used some tools and secret methods to get to level 40.

Niantic has not shared any plans on increasing the level cap in the game. The company is still busy dealing with a lot of in-game problems. For many players, reaching level 40 is too difficult, and no one has reached it by using legitimate gameplay techniques. With the recent discovery though, those who are also curious on what?s in store for them on level 40 of Pokemon GO now have their answers.

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