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Pokemon GO: ‘Legendary Raid Ticket’ Datamined, Captured Legendaries Not Usable In Gyms

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Pokemon GO Raids
PHOTOGRAPH: Niantic | Screenshot Captured From Pokemon GO Trailer

Niantic is going to make major changes to its Pokemon-based augmented reality game as the developer is finally pushing the gym rework and raid mechanic into the game. Aside from this, another major update may be coming soon and there are traces of Legendary Pokemon this time around. Thanks to a datamine, we got more details on how Legendary Pokemon work in Pokemon GO.

The Silph Road shares with the Pokemon GO community their latest datamine. There are a lot of new codes unearthed in the datamine of APK 0.67.1 and it tells what players can expect soon. For the first time, codes referencing Legendary Pokemon in the game. Niantic still hasn’t given us the exact date on when the Pokemon will arrive but we can at least say that it’s coming soon.

In the datamine of APK 0.67.1, Niantic has added in a few codes pertaining to Legendary Pokemon. This include “NumLegendaryBattleWon” and “NumLegendaryBattleTotal.” We’ve yet to know what exactly this is but Niantic might be keeping track of how well players do in Legendary Pokemon battle. Another code discovered is “ERROR_LEGENDARY_POKEMON,” which is a deployment error.

The recent APK codes also reference a new item called the “Legendary Raid Ticket,” which is obviously the players’ way of facing the Legendary Pokemon. Niantic might give one Legendary Raid Ticket to players per day, like how they will handle the regular Raid Ticket. Either that or players will need to buy this item from the in-game store.

The Silph Road speculates that the Legendary Pokemon will be encountered in Raid situations and it could be during events or other special dates. Niantic could also be staying true to the rarity status of Legendary Pokemon by not providing a Legendary Raid everywhere. Players could expect these Pokemon to come very rarely.

Thanks to the ERROR_LEGENDARY_POKEMON, code found in the APK, The Silph Road is speculating that players cannot deploy Legendary Pokemon to defend Gyms. This could be Niantic’s way of preventing cheaters who get Legendary Pokemon easily from spamming their Gyms with Legendary defenders. Despite this, players will still be able to use the Pokemon in attacking Gyms.

The Legendary Pokemon are expected to arrive in Pokemon GO sometime this Summer. We’ve yet to know what Legendary Pokemon will be available by then but it’s likely that Niantic won’t be launching all 11 Legendary Pokemon all at once to give players a better chance at collecting them all.

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