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Pokemon GO: Other Legendary Pokemon We’d Love To See In The Game

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The current build of Pokemon GO features the first 151 Pokemon introduced to the series. Among the 151 Pokemon are the five Legendary Pokemon, the Mew Duo and the Legendary Bird Trio. The entire Pokemon series goes very deep as it explores how the Legendary Pokemon basically changed a lot of things in the world. There?s a lot of amazing Legendary Pokemon in the game and we?d love to see them in real-life via augmented reality. Here?s a few noteworthy ones.


This little star-shaped Legendary Pokemon is a must-have for those keen on collecting cute Pokemon. One of Jirachi?s main abilities is it can grant any wish while it is awake. Jirachi is said to be awake for only seven days every 1000 years, so it?s not easy to come by. A cool feature for Pokemon GO would be to make Jirachi obtainable in a very short and nerve-wracking period of time.


These two Pokemon are the main stars of the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. Both look pretty impressive so far, and all that?s left is to check just how powerful they are. Solgaleo and Lunaala have a lot to live up to considering how amazing Pokemon Sun and Moon is looking, and these two Pokemon might deliver to the hype as well. The 7th generation of Pokemon may be years away from Pokemon GO, but one can only wait and be hopeful.


Also known as the ?The Original One,? Arceus is believed to be the creator of the Sinnoh and Ransei region and possibly the entire world. It was epic having Arceus in our parties back in the Pokemon RPGs, and we?re sure that it would be an even better experience seeing him appear in front of our cameras while travelling. What more if we could get it to join our Pokemon roster?

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