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Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon Theories

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Niantic’s augmented reality game finally launched in some areas, and players are currently scouring every street and landmark to capture some of the best Pokemon. Almost all players are aiming to capture a Legendary in their journey, but Niantic is yet to reveal how to catch them. In the meantime, here are a few theories on how Legendary Pokemon might be caught in Pokemon GO.


Niantic is likely to follow suit with how the Pokemon Company and Nintendo implemented capturing Legendaries in some of their titles. In Pokemon Shuffle, players are given the chance to catch Legendaries monthly. High-ranking players will be rewarded with the month’s Pokemon. In Pokemon GO, Niantic could give players the chance to battle one of the Legendaries, and those who score the highest will be given the Pokemon, while others will be rewarded with items instead. This is also the most likely system as this is what we?ve seen from the trailer.

Rare Encounters

If Niantic wants to stay true to the premise of the franchise, they might make the Legendary Pokemon available as very rare encounters only. If this is the case, players may need to travel a lot if they ever plan on getting one of the Legendaries. Niantic could also implement this mechanic to avoid making the Mew Duo and the Legendary Bird Trio a common sight in a player?s Pokemon roster.

A Different Method For Each Pokemon

It?s very likely that Niantic may provide a different capture method depending on the Legendary. Upon picking teams, players will discover that each team is a representation of one of the Legendary Birds. The theory is that the best players on each team might get the Legendaries. But again, the Mew Duo is still a big mystery.

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