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Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon Release Soon Despite Buggy State?

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Pokemon GO

It?s pretty obvious that Niantic is up to its neck in things to do to remedy the rampant issues in Pokemon GO, and there?s very little to look forward to in the augmented reality title. One thing players are still excited about though is the prospect of Legendary Pokemon. With the current state of the game, it?s hard to expect a decent patch fixing it soon, but there?s good reason to believe that Niantic might launch Legendary Pokemon despite the problems.

Legendary Sightings

A few days ago, some players have begun seeing some of the Legendary Bird Trio. The first sighting was of Articuno, and the most recent one was Moltres. The sightings do prove that Legendary Pokemon do exist in Pokemon GO and they might be launched soon as the game is already prepared for them.

Niantic?s Saving Grace

The player count in Pokemon GO is slowly depleting, thanks to numerous issues including the lack of a decent tracker, the tweaked Pokemon flee rates and the same server woes. It?s only a matter of time before players completely abandon the game, and Niantic?s only hope at redemption might be releasing the Legendary Pokemon. If they do plan on releasing these special Pokemon, it?s likely that it?ll have to sort out at least some of the issues first, and Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mew and MewTwo might be used to further entice fans into playing again.

Worldwide Coverage

Despite the current issues, Niantic is still keen on releasing the game in other parts of the world. The developer said before that no Legendary Pokemon will be released in Pokemon GO until the game is available everywhere. Now that it has been recently made available in Latin America, we are now one step closer to it.

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