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Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon Are Now Available? Niantic Confirms Articuno, Moltres Spotted

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Recently, Articuno, one of the Legendary Bird Pokemon, was spotted in Pokemon GO which caused major uproar in the game?s community. Niantic acknowledged the mishap and removed every caught Articuno in the game. Meanwhile, there seems to have been a Moltres sighting. Are Legendary Pokemon now available in the game?

According to the official Pokemon GO Facebook page, the caught Articunos were tracked down and ?brought home safely? because catching these birds wasn?t supposed to happen yet. It?s possible that the Legendary Bird Pokemon may be implemented at a later date for Pokemon GO events instead of them being just extremely rare critters in the wild. Indirectly, this confirms that the data for the Legendary Pokemon are already in the game, but the Legendary birds are not yet activated for players to see and catch. The game?s buggy state and the presence of third party programs for Pokemon GO may have allowed Articunos to be caught in the game.

Following the Articuno appearance, a Moltres sighting in the game was also reported. According to DailyStar, screenshots of an owned Moltres circulated on Facebook and Reddit. However, there were no videos found, so the images could have only been photoshopped. If it?s real though, Niantic could track down the Moltres owner and revoke the Legendary from him.

Niantic has yet to announce the inclusion of Legendaries in the game. It?s possible that they will be introduced in the game as exclusive Pokemon due to the Articuno pullouts that took place. Niantic may have the Legendaries as event Pokemon or worse, wild Pokemon with extremely low encounter chance.

Currently, Pokemon GO still suffers from issues like the ?morphing? bug and easy third party access, which make it difficult for Niantic to focus on events for the game. Additionally, Niantic has yet to improve security and punishment against cheaters. However, the company has started to improve its ?communication with fans, as seen on their recent informative Facebook post.

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