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Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon, Ditto, And Masterballs Revealed In New Data Mine

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Pokemon GO

If there is one thing Pokemon GO seemingly lacks, it is legendary Pokemon. The mobile title might be limited to the original 151, but that doesn’t mean players don’t want to see them in the game. Well, it seems like fan prayers have been answered, as legendary Pokemon have been spotted in one of the data mines of the mobile game.

Much like the often discussed trading feature, it seems that the legendary Pokemon are eventually going to be in the game for catching. It is likely that these legendaries will be available during a special event, since it is a free-to-play mobile game after all.

A Reddit user has confirmed that Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Mew and Mewtwo have been found in the data mine. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to legendary Pokemon, and they will all soon be visible to fans in Pokemon GO.

Mew with the other legendaries is a sight to see, since this mysterious Pokemon rarely appeared in the original games. The fact that it will soon be available in the app should satisfy fans of the older games who never managed to catch the elusive Pokemon.

The legendary birds will soon be in Pokemon GO

Oddly enough, Ditto was also spotted in the data mine and has yet to debut in the main mobile game. This normal type Pokemon can transform into its opponent but was mostly used for breeding when Pokemon Gold and Silver introduced that mechanic. It is doubtful that we will see the system in the mobile game, but trading is coming soon, so it’s not an impossibility.

Masterballs were also spotted in the data mine. These are usually used for legendary Pokemon, so it will probably serve the same function in the popular app. There were an abundance of these during the beta, but it looks like Niantic is now saving them for a future update or event.

Pokemon GO is available in select countries and will soon get a worldwide release. It might not get a worldwide release till next month, so fans in other countries are going to have to be patient. The mobile game is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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