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Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon You Can Expect To See In The Game

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Pokemon Go

We?re sure that most players are now currently travelling to capture all of the 1st gen Pokemon in their area, and it?s not an easy task. An even harder task is getting the Legendary Pokemon that came with the first 151 Pokemon. If you?re wondering what sort of Legendary you?ll encounter in Pokemon GO, then you?re in the right place as we have the list of them right here.

The Legendary Bird Trio

The Legendary bird trio consists of Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos. One speculation is that players can only get one of the bird trio depending on what team they?re on; Blue for Articuno, Red for Moltres and Yellow for Zapdos. If you?re looking to build a perfectly balanced roster, then you should carefully pick your team.

Each of the Legendary bird trio?s type are Flying, mixed with another type. Articuno is a mix of Flying and Ice, while it?s Flying and Fire for Moltres and Flying and Electric for Zapdos. Be sure to plan out your Pokemon roster first before joining a team, as you might be limited to one Legendary bird in Pokemon GO.


The Mew Duo

While the Legendary bird Pokemon are cool finds, we?re 100 percent sure that players are eyeing to get their hands on the Mew Duo. The Mew and MewTwo pair are both Psychic and are without a doubt some of the most powerful Pokemon in Gen 1.

The first trailer for Pokemon GO showed a lot of players battling MewTwo in an event, which led some to speculate that Legendaries can be acquired through events only. The trailer itself showed off how players are struggling to defeat MewTwo, and this might be the case when we get to him in the game since he?s been known to be one tough nut to crack in other titles and in the anime. Some may also opt to bag Mew, whose power can rival that of MewTwo.

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