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Pokemon GO: Legendary Pok?mon Articuno Video Surfaces Online! Truth Or Hoax?

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Pokemon GO players may have spotted Articuno in the mobile game. However, the credibility of this Legendary Pokemon sighting is in question due to the current ?morphing bug? that makes the players catch a different Pokemon than what was seen in the wild. Here?s the video showing Articuno in Pokemon GO.

While the video is choppy, having a footage of the Articuno doing its animation may prove the authenticity of the clip. However, the current morphing bug in the game may have caused this to happen, so take the news with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, a Facebook post from a Pokemon GO player features screenshots of an Articuno Gym defender from another player named kaitcovey.

The recent morphing bug may have caused the Legendary Pokemon to erroneously appear in the game as it hasn?t been officially released yet. It?s highly possible that the Legendary Pokemon you might find is actually a different Pokemon, so it?s better not to keep your hopes up.

Currently, Legendary Pokemon like Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos haven?t been officially announced in the game. Despite this, players are still hopeful in finding a wild one to catch in Pokemon GO. According to SilphRoad moderator dronpes, threads about false sightings of unimplemented Pokemon are immediately removed from the forums. In fact, an Articuno thread on SilphRoad Reddit was proven to be fake and a case of ?client-side manipulation.?

However, Reddit user shorodei has confirmed that in-game visuals can actually be modified through a third party Pokemon GO program called the Pokemon GO MITM Proxy. The program tricks the server into changing your Pokemon?s appearance into other Pokemon, but it?s purely cosmetic and doesn?t change the Pokemon?s stats. It?s possible that another Pokemon was just modded to have Articuno?s appearance and name.

However, this third-party program may be targeted by Niantic due to its capacity to change in-game appearances to the players? liking. Previously, the wild Pokemon tracker site PokeVision was shut down by Niantic following the fix of the Pokemon Nearby system. We?ll have to wait for Niantic?s action on this issue if we want some answers about this Legendary sighting soon.

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