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Pokemon GO Legendary Event Discovered In Chicago

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PHOTOGRAPH: Niantic | Screenshot Captured From Pokemon GO Trailer

Niantic is cooking something up for this summer as the developer is set to introduce Legendary Pokemon in the game. The developer is yet to reveal exactly how they’ll introduce Legendary Pokemon, but players are slowly seeing Niantic’s plans more and more. One player even discovered what looks to be a possible Pokemon GO Legendary event in Chicago.

Redditor GabrialGF shares that he came across what looks to be a possible Pokemon GO Legendary event in his hometown of Chicago. He saw a listing for a tentative six-day long  Pokemon GO event but the body that filed for the permit for the event is unknown.

No one from their community knows what’s brewing for Niantic and the possible Pokemon GO Legendary event but things are looking more and more likely that the developer is going to add in the missing Pokemon through citywide events. The Redditor also lists the things he knows so far about the event:

  • Permits have been requested from the City of Chicago for a 6 day Pokemon GO Event.
  • Best we can tell, those permits have not been approved yet.
  • There is an ingress event happening the same weekend in Chicago.
  • So far, we have been unable to locate any other city with Pokemon GO Events

It won’t be a surprise if Niantic introduces Legendary Pokemon through citywide events. In the reveal trailer for Pokemon GO, we see players battling it out with MewTwo in Time Square. The event was speculated as the method in which players can get Legendary Pokemon in the game. Players had a hunch that they’ll be able to battle it out against the Legendary Pokemon in landmarks during events.

When it comes to how the event itself will play out, there’s a good chance that Niantic will follow a similar pattern from Pokemon Shuffle when it comes to determining who will get the Legendary Pokemon. In Pokemon Shuffle, stages for Legendary Pokemon are made available for a limited time. Players will then battle it out to see who gets the best score. The top players are going to get the Legendary Pokemon while the rest are going to get items. This could be how Niantic will implement Legendary Pokemon into the game.


Niantic has officially announced this Chicago-based event. This is part of Niantic’s Pokemon GO Fest event to celebrate the game’s first anniversary. You can see the full details here.

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