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Niantic Confirms Pokemon GO Legendary 2017 Release: Which Monsters Are Arriving First?

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Pokemon GO Legendary release date
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Pokemon GO players should always be on the lookout as the long awaited legendaries may arrive in the game anytime soon. While there was no specific date provided just yet, Niantic CEO John Hanke himself confirmed that players will be able to catch a Legendary Pokemon before the year ends.

Pokemon GO Legendary Release Date

Speaking to the German edition of Wired, Hanke shared that the Pokemon GO Legendary update is the team’s main priority in 2017. “I can say with certainty that we will see it more this year,” he told the outlet, as translated by Polygon. Details as to which creatures will grace the game remain indefinite. However, the site specifically mentioned five, including the mascots of the Pokemon GO teams: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

We can recall that the Legendary birds were already featured in the game indirectly, but players have yet to catch them firsthand. Also likely arriving with them are Mew and Mewtwo, two of the most popular rare Pokemon in the franchise.

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Pokemon GO Legendary Release Date: The leaders for each team and the legendary birds.

Pokemon GO players have been waiting for the availability of Legendary Pokémon ever since the game was launched in summer 2016. The reason why it has taken far too long for Niantic to release the update could be because the legendaries aren’t location-based, and rolling them out into the game globally at the same time can cause logistical issues.

The developer may have taken some time considering the geo-locations where these Pokemon can be found to avoid law and order issues which Pokemon gyms have caused in the past.

Special Debut Appearances?

Tatsuo Nomura, who serves as a director of Pokémon GO, explained earlier this month at the Game Developers Conference some of the thought processes behind holding back certain Pokémon from the game. “The value of Pokémon is that each one is very unique, and they have their own stories and characteristics,” he said. “I do want to preserve and if possible enhance that aspect as they’re not all the same.”

The same reason could very well be applied to the rest of the creatures, especially the aforementioned five, that have not yet debuted in the game. Given that they are hard to find in the main Pokemon games, the company, more likely than not, intends to give them the same amount of rarity in the mobile title.

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Pokemon GO Legendary release date: Will the promised Legendary update include Mewtwo?


Whatever the case, the Legendary Pokemon’s release should be done properly. Otherwise, it could upset the existing Pokémon gym system, according to International Business Times. Niantic will hopefully drop at least a hint of the creatures  coming next to the game soon.

Are you excited for the Legendary monsters? Which Pokemon do you want to see in the next update?

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