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Pokemon GO News: Legendaries 2017 Rumored Spring Release & Nest Migration Times Detailed

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Pokemon GO News
Pokemon GO News

Pokemon GO has been out for months now. It had a grand high with millions of active players. And even though it lost most of its active players, it still maintains a loyal player base until this day.

A player base that?s still waiting for the Mewtwo and all the other Legendary Pokemon to arrive. If you?re still wondering where the Legendaries are, then we have a treat for you! The latest Pokemon GO news hints that the Legendaries may come out in Spring 2017 and the new nest migration times have also been detailed as well.

Legendaries 2017

Many rumors have come out with regards to the Legendary Pokemon since the game?s launch. Many fans were hoping for them to be released this holiday season. With so little time left before 2016 ends, and with a good amount of season content already out, it is likely that the Legendaries won?t be arriving this year.

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However, many are hopeful that the Legendaries will come out sometime this coming 2017. Express? report suggests that the date that the Legendaries will come out in 2017 will be in the Spring. Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos are the Pokemon franchise?s Legendary birds. SlashGear points out that it would be fitting for the three legendary birds to be released in Spring 2017.

Nest Migration

The Legendary Pokemon may not be here yet but the new nest migration is! Just as planned, spawn locations around the world are being changed yet again.

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The popular Pokemon GO community, The Silph Road, has revealed the latest migration times. Right now, the latest nest migration happens every two weeks. Knowing this would help players plan out their catching plans every week before their local roster changes again.

In addition, new differences in different local areas are expected to have already taken place after the latest nest migration. It will take time before everyone gets acquainted with the new changes but players should now be seeing some new Pokemon nests in unexpected places.?

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