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Pokemon GO Legendaries: Why MewTwo And The Rest Are Coming This July

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There are currently over 200 hundred Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO and it’s likely that players have encountered each of the gen 1 and gen 2 Pokemon. Missing from the roster are none other than the Legendary Pokemon. Recent developments make it seem like Pokemon GO Legendaries are coming later this year.

The Pokemon GO community is very active these past days as interviews and datamines point to Pokemon GO Legendaries being made available soon. From the look of things, it feels like the powerful and special Pokemon could be coming this summer. More specifically, in July.

Major Update This Summer

In a recent interview, Niantic personnel have revealed that a major Pokemon GO event is due out this summer, which is from June to August. No exact detail was released about what the event will have in store for players, but the interviewees did imply that it had something to do with the MewTwo scene in the launch trailer for Pokemon GO.

The anniversary of Pokemon GO’s official launch was in July. We can see no other way for Niantic to celebrate the milestone than with a major update adding a new feature. It would also be fitting for Niantic to finally launch the 11 missing Legendary Pokemon at the said date.


One of the recent discoveries in the game’s codes was a new feature. The new and upcoming feature is none other than Raids. Although Niantic is yet to reveal how Raids will function in Pokemon GO, we already have an idea of what it could be based on the leak.

In the upcoming feature, groups of players might be tasked with completing one specific goal. It’s likely that this set goal is to defeat a really powerful Pokemon, which could be the Pokemon GO Legendaries. No release date has been set for the upcoming feature but as with past datamines, the feature could come in the months to follow.

Players have always been eager to finally have the chance to get the Pokemon GO Legendaries. A lot of signs are already pointing to the Pokemon launching within the next few months and all we have to do is wait. It’s even more exciting to think about the possible mechanic that Niantic might put behind Legendary Pokemon since we’re all still curious as to what it could be but every player is hoping for a fair chance at getting these Pokemon.

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