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Pokemon GO Legendaries To Arrive Soon As Part Of Raiding System

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Pokemon GO News
Pokemon GO News

Pokemon GO was huge last year and easily held onto its crown of being the number one mobile game into 2017. Pokemon GO started off strong with a staggering player-base. And although the number of users have significantly dwindled over time, it still maintains millions of active users globally.

Niantic has been making great new additions to Pokemon GO such as seasonal events and new Pokemon. However, many players are still painfully waiting for the Pokemon GO Legendaries. These have been hinted at by Niantic as early as the game’s first trailers featuring Mew and Mewtwo. The Legendaries may have not arrived on Pokemon GO last year but they may soon be a part of the raiding system in 2017.

Pokemon GO Legendaries

There has been many speculation on when and how the Legendaries will be introduced into Pokemon GO. On the recent episode of “New Nintendo Switch Impressions” host Jose Otero speculated that the Legendary birds should be a part of game’s supposed raiding system.

Otero said: “I think that my last point to make on this is I still think that the legendary birds are still part of whatever raiding is supposed to be. That’s the part of the game…they promised when they showed it.”


Oteror’s speculation is one shared by many in the Pokemon GO community. The first promotional trailer that came out over a year ago. The trailer featured an epic raid battle in the middle of Times Square with hundreds of players fighting Mew Two as a raid boss.

Many players were very disappointed that such a raid system hasn’t been implemented yet. Especially since it was a large selling point of the game’s initial marketing.

One prominent reason why Legendaries and the raid system haven’t been added into the game yet was detailed previously by Niantic. Inquisitr reports that Niantic plans to release the Pokemon GO Legendaries once the app has become available in all countries around the world.

There are only a few countries left before Pokemon GO becomes available in the whole world. Being available all over the world will most likely be very feasible in the coming months. Hopefully, this would mean the Legendaries won’t be too far behind. What do you guys think of all this? Will we get the Legendaries in Pokemon GO this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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