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Pokemon GO Leak: Partnership With McDonalds Confirmed?

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, and small businesses have already started pulling customers with their unique and creative ideas. Obviously, Niantic?s augmented reality game is doing great for many businesses, and it seems that Nintendo has opened a door of opportunities for some biggies. Fast food chain McDonald’s is apparently joining the bandwagon and has inked a deal with Nintendo.

McDonald’s popularity is enough to attract people to its outlets. If the reports are something to go by, McDonald’s will soon become a place to catch Pokemon in the real world. Based on the recent data mining and some ideas from Reddit, Nintendo might promote Pokemon GO with McDonald’s as its new partner. The data mined file states ?McDonalds Pokemon Store.? Well, if it is indeed happening, the deal is undoubtedly a win-win for both companies.

Some believe that McDonalds will simply be a PokeStop or a Pokemon Gym in order to attract more customers to eat at the fast food place. However, it?s weird why it was called ?McDonalds Pokemon Store? with an accompanying logo of the place if that?s the case.

Fans have started speculating on the data found in these files. Regarding the McDonald’s existence in the Pokemon GO data mine, some fans believe that Nintendo might introduce some rare events because almost each country where the the game is expected to become a major hit has a McDonald?s establishment.

Another news comes from a user suggesting that there are details from the datamine about the game?s future updates and trading. The user isn?t sure what they are related to, but the filenames ?Item Revive Trade,? ?Trade Offer,? ?Trade ID? were found. They can be related to item trading which will be part of the game in the near future.

It seems that Niantic is working hard to make the worldwide release even bigger than what they intended. However, the developer has not shared any specific details regarding their plans for future updates and any deal with sponsors, so waiting for an official statement makes complete sense. Since the launch of the game, Pokemon GO players have already discovered many ways to help fellow gamers, so everyone can enjoy the mobile title.

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