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Pokemon GO Lag Workaround: Catch Pokemon Successfully When Your Pokeball Freezes

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is the most downloaded game now, but it is also filled to the brim with bugs and glitches. One of the most infamous ones is when a rare Pokemon with high CP comes along ? usually around 1300 CP ? and the game freezes after the player throws a Poke’ball. It might have taken a while, but it looks like a solution has been found.

When the high CP Pokemon appears, players have to see if the bag and run logos disappear from the menu, which is an indication that it will freeze. There is no need to panic, however, as the player simply has to wait for a minute and thirty seconds before intentionally missing the Pokemon with a Poke’ball throw.

This method was discovered by a Reddit user, and it seems to have resulted in a smoother Pokemon GO experience. Once the ball misses, the game should resume back to normal and the player can attempt to catch the Pokemon again. It does have high CP after all, indicating that it will be a difficult catch.

Keep in mind that the player will have to waste a Poke’ball for this method to work. If this does happen to anyone, make sure that the Pokemon is worth catching before deciding to recklessly throw the ball so that the game won’t freeze. Otherwise, just restart the game if the Pokemon isn’t worth it.

The freezing sign.

However, other players in the forum have cited various situations wherein the game freezes, so it seems like this is only a method to one problem. The mobile app was just released after all, so it is clear that it still needs to be tinkered with before it manages to provide a totally smooth experience for all involved. Right now, the app is fun, but it’s clear that a lot of work has to be done.

Pokemon GO is not available in all countries yet, but it will be soon. The mobile game is available for both iOS and Android devices. ?

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