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Pokemon GO: All Known Bugs And Issues In Latest Android & iOS Update

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Pokemon GO

The Pokemon GO bugs and issues on Android and iOS increase with every single update Niantic releases. Fan?s were expecting Niantic to fix some of the issues in the game, but the developers removed two major features instead. Here are the current bugs and issues players are facing after the latest update.

According to some players, whenever they catch a Pokemon on both iOS and Android platforms, the Pokemon changes after they have successfully caught it. Another problem reported by a Reddit user has something to do with Pokemon spawn locations, as they are not showing up on the map.

There are also glitches in the transitions between Pokemon and the Pokedex. The grass animation for the nearby Pokemon tracker is not showing up in iOS and Android, and players are also reporting issues on the sorting order for Pokemon. Whenever the players try to sort the Pokemon by HP (Hit Points), Pokemon GO sorts them by their CP (Combat Points) due to the bug.

Additionally, when players tap a Pokemon on the Pokemon GO map, the creatures disappear. Players also report that the audio on their devices stops whenever they launch the game. Furthermore, a user reported that seeing Grimer causes the game to freeze.

Apart from these

bugs and issues, the latest update also shut down the supportive third party apps that have been helping many players deal with some of the abovementioned problems. Many Pokemon GO players are also not happy with the lack of PokeStops and Pokemon in rural areas.

Niantic has not responded to players? queries regarding these bugs and issues. The company?s website still has very little info about the problems with the game, and not all the issues are listed there. Fans have already suggested many ways through which Niantic can make the gameplay balanced, but at least Niantic has recently responded why they shut down third party apps and removed the Nearby three footsteps feature. Right now, players are still waiting for Niantic to finally fix the problems in Pokemon GO.

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