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Pokemon GO Johto: Possible 2nd Generation Region Exclusive Pokemon

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With the recent release of Pokemon GO in Asia, it’s clear that the game is going more global every week. It wasn’t that long ago when fans were expecting the mobile game to come to their country in 2017, but Niantic has exceeded all expectations. Now that the game is almost available to the rest of the world, some fans have been wondering when Johto Pokemon will be released and if any of them will be exclusive to certain regions.

For those unaware, the current build of the hit mobile game actually has a few region-exclusive Pokemon. Fans who want Far’fetched will have to go to Asia, while Kangaskhan is only available in Australia. While these Pokemon can be hatched from an egg no matter the region, they will be rare, so the only thing fans can do is pray and go to every PokeStop they see.

Since fans are expecting Johto region creatures in the near ? or far ? future of Pokemon GO, they have already guessed which Pokemon would be region-exclusive, should Niantic decide to add more of the monsters from Gold, Silver and beyond. This Reddit user thinks that Delibird would be an exclusive to Europe, while Miltank and Heracross would only be in the Americas and Japan, respectively.

It’s interesting how Delibird was chosen to be a European exclusive since the Pokemon looks like a worker for Santa Claus. One would expect this adorable Pokemon to be exclusive to Antarctica, since the possibilities of people going to the North Pole are slim and none. Heracross as a Japanese exclusive is also interesting, since people encounter bugs everywhere.

Will these two become region exclusive? Assuming they get introduced in Pokemon GO of course.

Region-exclusive Pokemon might tick off some gamers, but some could see it as a necessary evil for the mobile game. People like feeling special, so this is why this trend will continue when or if the game gets second generation Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is gaining steam and is starting to become available in more countries. The mobile game can be downloaded on an iOS phone or an Android device. Either way, no one gets left behind and more people can join in on the fun.

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