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Pokemon GO Jailbreak Detection System Removed In New Update

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Pokemon GO

Players around the world have been waiting to play Pokemon GO on jailbroken devices, and now it?s possible. The latest update has removed the jailbreak detection, and players can simply install the game on their smartphones. Previously, Apple iPhone and iPad users with jailbroken devices were locked out of the game as Niantic detects them, but now the system has been removed.

Nintendo wants to expand the reach of Pokemon GO, and Niantic is bringing fortnight updates to fix the issues. As players with jailbroken Apple devices have been looking for ways to run Pokemon GO without being detected, the game developer has removed the limits. The in-built jailbreak detection system has been lifted, and now anyone with such devices can officially download and play the game.

Those who found ways to play the game without being detected had to face some limitations in their gameplay. The players were left with only two choices; either ditch the game completely or remove the jailbreak to keep the device in compliance with Niantic?s guidelines.

Niantic has not confirmed whether it has removed the codes intentionally or if the feature has stopped working with the new update, but it is certainly good news for players who have been wanting to play Pokemon GO on jailbroken devices.

Players on Reddit said that Niantic may no longer use the system because from the very first day, people started looking for ways to turn it off, and many of them successfully did so. Players have already found many ways to prevent the app from detecting their device?s configuration regarding jailbreak, so even if Niantic enhances the system, people would still find a way to bypass it.

The latest update has frustrated many players, making them ask for refunds, but the removal of the jailbreak detection system from Pokemon GO has certainly made some happy. However, the company has not changed its policy against piracy and use of the game. Therefore, it is important for players to know that any kind of suspicious behavior might get you banned instantly.

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