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Pokemon GO IVs: Individual Values Detailed Through Meme

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There are a lot of confusing data in Pokemon GO and we?re thankful that Niantic kept them hidden so we don?t have to go through all the trouble of analyzing it. One of the hidden data that needs to be analyzed though are individual values or IVs. It?s a simple concept but a bit confusing to some. A recent meme featuring Professor Oak details the stat thoroughly with a kick of humor.

Redditor maphrox recently shared his meme featuring Professor Oak as he details to a Trainer what IVs really are. It?s not all humor as it?s a great tutorial for the very valuable yet hidden stat in Pokemon GO.

As with other Pokemon titles, the augmented reality game also features hidden stats. This is IVs in Pokemon GO. IVs are the Pokemon?s Stamina, Attack and Defense, which in turn make up the Pokemon?s CP. The formula is CP = ATK (0.5) X STA X DEF (0.5)/10. The best way to getting around IV calculation is by checking out online third-party calculator apps.

The reason why IVs are so important is they determine the overall function of a Pokemon. IVs are determined when a player catches a Pokemon, and they don?t change change with evolution. Stamina, Attack and Defense will be measured with values ranging from 1 to 15.

Basically, CP is the common factor in checking how strong a Pokemon is, but it doesn?t necessarily state the power in detail. A high CP Pokemon could have excellent Attack stat, but it could suffer greatly from low Defense. IV calculators are very important as it would tell the players which Pokemon is best to invest in with items like Stardusts and Candies. The higher the IV score, the better the Pokemon.

While checking out IV score isn?t entirely necessary, it?s the best way to create the perfect Pokemon team in Pokemon GO.

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