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Pokemon GO IV: Weaker Pokemon Spawns In Latest Update?

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Pokemon GO IV

Recently, the Pokemon GO event brought increased wild Pokemon encounter rates which helped fans gather candy. However, fans have noticed that they can?t find creatures with quality Pokemon GO IV to use their candies despite the increased encounter rate. Does the game spawn weaker Pokemon in the latest update?

Quantity over Quality

According to xPawreen?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit, players have indeed met a lot of wild Pokemon in the latest version of the game. Players do not worry about being short on Pokemon Candy for their Evolution or upgrade use. However, fans noticed that most of their catches don?t have good Pokemon GO IV. In the long run, it?s not smart to invest upgrades in Pokemon with low IV as players won?t be able maximize its stats in the late game.

Chance or Intended?

Potentially, the reduced chances of seeing quality Pokemon could be the designed drawback of increased chances of meeting Pokemon. However, it must just be an isolated case of low chances with the game?s Random Number Generator system. However, other fans note that they?ve caught creatures with good Pokemon IV with the recent update. Players could just be seeing too many creatures with bad IV?due to the recent update.

Niantic?s Move

So far, Niantic hasn?t confirmed any issue about the Pokemon spawns. Niantic held an event?November 7 to 11 which increased Pokemon encounter rates and PokeStop loot on those specific dates. The duration of that event has already been finished, so it?s possible that this might just be a case of fanbase frustration.

Focus on Candies

Since players have noticed the increased Pokemon encounter rate, players could focus on farming Candies first. Perhaps the next Pokemon GO update will roll out a fix for this issue or when the Pokemon GO nests are shuffled again. Players should try to find creatures with better Pokemon GO IV again after the patch. For now, can just focus on stacking more Candies. However, Niantic may want to hurry up on the next Pokemon GO major update as pointless grinding usually wears out its fanbase.

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