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Pokemon GO: Pokemon IV Stats, What Are They?

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Pokemon Go?has been out for a while now. Pokemon Trainers can be found anywhere and any time of the day. While other players are taking the game to the next level by cheating and/or calculating their IV.

However, most of the players does not know what an IV is. IV is an individual attribute, a stat that makes a Pokemon unique and stand out from the other Pokemon. Duplicate Pokemon will still differ from each other due to their IV.

Each Pokemon has a set of base numbers that corresponds to their Defense, Stamina, and Attack. Pokemon?s IV can boost each of that stats by 0 to 15 points. However, a Pokemon?s IV are permanent and players are unable to change them, at least for now.

Pokemon is generated with these traits. If Niantic doesn?t add a feature or item that will be able to change these traits, it will be permanent. Pokemon GO trainers are using IV calculators to identify the IV value of their Pokemon.

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Players find the IV calculator very useful. They are able to choose the best Pokemon in their possession, they can identify which Pokemon will they be evolving. IVs can be attributed to the Pokemon?s stats, leveling or evolving it will narrow down the possible IVs using the calculator

Niantic kept the IV information secret. It doesn?t want the Pokemon to be treated as a tool in the game, they wanted the Pokemon to be a real living creatures.

Shigeru Ohmori and Junichi Masuda were interview way back in 2014. Ohmori specified: ?Each Pokemon has their own value.?However, I prefer to think of them as a?living creatures. It is the same way if you own a pet dog and someone else has the same breed of dog?

?It makes people play the game different from each other even if they have the same type of Pokemon. It is like reading an information paper of different kinds of dogs and deciding using the information on the paper, that would be soulless?


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