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Pokemon GO IV: Are Stats Random For Spawned Pokemon?

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Pokemon GO updates
Pokemon GO updates

Recently, Pokemon GO fans were able to find significant data on determining Individual Values of caught Pokemon. It?s about duplicating a Pokemon with perfect stats. Knowing this particular info will definitely be helpful for competitive players.

Technically, Pokemon?s stats in Niantic?s mobile game are randomized per different wild creature, but they have certain limits in the game. For example, other players may have a stronger or weaker Eevee, but Eevee?s Combat Power Arc is what?s important in correctly gauging the Pokemon?s overall stat potential. Trainer level also plays a part in leveling up Pokemon in Niantic?s game, so players shouldn?t solely focus on collectively hunting Pokemon in-game.

However, some Pokemon GO fans found a way to potentially and legally duplicate a wild Pokemon with perfect stats. According to HavokD?s thread in the SilphRoad, players who catch the same Pokemon in an area will have the exact same Pokemon stats. The players caught a Pokemon with the same IVs and moveset regardless of trainer level and team. This discovery may further encourage more players to hunt together to find similar Pokemon for more copies of the best creatures.

However, Pokemon GO player groups may have a slight difficulty with Nests in this system. Nests spawn similar Pokemon in an area, so stick together and catch the Pokemon nearer to your friend?s location. The worst-case scenario is you might get different Pokemon than what you expected.

In competitive Pokemon GO, Pokemon stats can only be optimized starting from the Pokemon?s capture. A Pokemon?s potential growth is actually more important than a higher CP. Additionally, CP ratings do not always determine a Pokemon?s advantage in a match as it is unreliable in measuring the game?s hidden stats.

Currently, this finding may be an intended feature or a bug. This system could potentially allow groups of players to collectively snowball on Gyms due to their Pokemon of similar strengths. If capitalized correctly, some Pokemon GO groups could organize an in-game army of heavily similar Pokemon and dominate the game?s competitive scene through strength in numbers.

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