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Pokemon GO IV: Reliable Calculator You Should Use

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Pokemon GO IV

In competitive Pokemon GO settings, stats definitely help decide the speed and outcome of Gym matches. However, correctly computing a Pokemon?s stat and potential may be too complicated for newcomers. Fortunately, the SilphRoad community has put out a simpler calculator which helps players understand the Pokemon GO IV and Combat Power arcs easier.

The SilphRoad calculator is found on the Silph Road site?s Research page, but you?ll have to ask around on the Reddit page for an Access Code first if you?re being asked by the site. SilphRoad?s resource site only requires you to have a Reddit account. The calculator is located at the ?IV Rater? tab and fills in the details using the calculator?s value sliders.

Once you?ve inputted your Pokemon?s exact Individual Values and Combat Power arcs, the calculator will now decide if your Pokemon is fit for competitive Gym battles or Professor Willow?s evolution Candy. Even if your Pokemon has a high CP rating, it does not ensure victory, and the creature can still be beaten by Pokemon with higher CP potential in the long run.

If you?re new to the competitive Pokemon GO stats, Individual Values are invisible stats that make up your Pokemon?s CP rating. Meanwhile, the CP Arc shows the growth potential of your Pokemon. It is considered better when the Pokemon has low CP Arc progression despite having a high CP rating. Understanding these figures may be tedious, so you should opt to use Pokemon GO IV calculators.

According to Silph Road Reddit moderator dronpes, they?ll be adding more ?advanced? options to their simplified calculator for the more experienced players. Once you?ve understood the basics of competitive play in the mobile game, you?ll be able to use more complex Pokemon GO IV calculators and see the changes in real time on every minor buff, nerf, and major update. This way you can easily compete, take and defend Gyms and understand the changes easily. Due to Pokemon GO?s simple and straightforward battle system, most players can only rely on their ability to dodge attacks consistently and on the Pokemon?s numbers to get ahead in the game.

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