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Pokemon GO IV: PokeAdvisor Alternatives As Niantic Shut Down the Application

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Recently, the Pokemon GO Individual Value checker and multipurpose third party tool, PokeAdvisor, was taken down by Niantic. The app cannot be used in the game anymore, but there might be alternatives with the same features as PokeAdvisor. Here are some of them.

SilphRoad?s IV Rater

Although you won?t be able to check your Pokemon GO IVs on the go with the Silph Road Tools site, it should help you cope become more adept with the game?s hidden stats. However, this IV Rater requires manual inputs, so it?s better to read up and know which values go where. This IV Rater may be less convenient for some players as finding a Pokemon with perfect Combat Power may be more difficult to do.

PokeAssistant IV Calculator

Similar to the SilphRoad IV Rater, the Poke Assistant IV Calculator may seem easier to use if you like filling in the blanks instead of toning some dials to check Pokemon GO IVs. Just fill it out with the right details, and the PokeAssistant Calculator will even list your Pokemon?s best and worst stat potential in the game. It also provides the formulas for the stat computations if you want to do them manually.

Though these are suitable alternatives, PokeAdvisor has more functions which could definitely help more players understand their competitive edge in the game. Players might have grown reliant on the app?s convenient features and may have even blamed Niantic for the app?s shutdown. Players can only hope for Niantic to include more features in Pokemon GO in the long run to prevent third party apps from surfacing and attracting players.

Leaderboard Alternative on the Way

According to Business Insider, the Leaderboard function is one of the upcoming Pokemon GO features. PokeAdvisor had the leaderboard feature which may have spurred Niantic to take down the third party app. Niantic has already taken down PokeVision and tweaked their game to block out further third party app access.

Pokedex Alternative

Currently, Pokemon GO players have a Pokedex which shows the Pokemon that they haven?t seen yet. If they?re just aiming to see every Pokemon in the game, players can opt to consult a Pokemon wiki and keep their search to the original 151 Pokemon of Generation 1. However, it won?t be as rewarding as there might be Pokedex flavor text unique to Pokemon GO.

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