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Pokemon GO IV: Are Movesets More Important Than Individual Values?

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The Pokemon franchise isn?t entirely new to having secret stats in-game, and Pokemon GO isn?t an exception. In the augmented reality title, there are hidden stats called Individual Values or IV which is the general measurement of how powerful the Pokemon are. Fans have been debating as to whether or not the Pokemon GO IV stats are more important than movesets, but a player seems to have cracked the code.

Redditor dondon151 recently shared his findings about what?s more important between Pokemon GO IV and movesets. The result shows that the significance of one stat varies, and it?s also a case-to-case basis.

The common strategy when picking a Pokemon is that players should prioritize movesets over IVs since a Pokemon with good stats can still be beaten with a Pokemon with a good set of attacks. Blizzard and Earthquake, for example, are pretty hard to dodge, so having high IVs is sort of useless since there?s still a good chance of getting hit.

The Redditor then used Flareon and Starmie as an example. He used the offensive moves of the Pokemon to make things easier. The Redditor notes, ?Flareon’s worst offensive moveset is Ember + Heat Wave, which has 92% of the DPS of its best offensive moveset, Ember + Fire Blast. For Flareon, its worst moveset is roughly equivalent to ~40% loss in its IVs.?

As for Starmie, he said that the Pokemon?s worst move is Quick Attack and Power Gem, both of which have only 50% DPS of its best moveset.

What the player is trying to say is that picking the Pokemon with good IV over the average IV Pokemon is similar to picking the Pokemon with the best moveset, but it depends on the Pokemon. He adds that since players need Candy anyway, it?s better to prioritize Pokemon GO IV over movesets.

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