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Pokemon GO IV: Why Max Individual Values Isn’t That Important

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Despite its simplicity, Pokemon GO might actually be one of the more complex games around. While it is still about catching Pokemon and taking over Pokemon Gyms, there is plenty of math that has to be done when it comes to the stats of the creatures, like their Combat Points (CP) and the secret Individual Value (IV) stats. Though these stats are fun for the hardcore crowd, some have argued that a Pokemon with the best IV might not be necessary.

This is something most are aware of, even the hardcore crowd, since IV can only be seen with special calculator apps. After all, the joy of the game is finding a bunch of Pokemon and evolving them. Levelling up the trainer avatar is fun too, since it lets players get better items like Lucky Eggs and Ultra Balls.

One fan on Reddit thought that the showcase of perfect IV Pokemon has become overblown. As the player levels up his trainer, it becomes much harder to find Pokemon with the best IV. The user also brought up the fact that a perfect IV Pokemon doesn’t necessarily perform better than a lower IV one.

It’s an interesting post that sort of breaks down some of the elitism that some Pokemon GO trainers have. Since there aren’t that many battles that can take place ? at least until PVP is eventually brought to the game ? then it seems like getting the best IV for Pokemon might not be worth it.

As mentioned previously though, the hardcore crowd that likes to measure the IV of Pokemon know this. Some of them just find it fun to look at the secret stats of Pokemon and see which is the best version of the Pokemon they already have. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as they’re not being mean about it.

Pokemon GO is available now in most countries. The free-to-play game has become something of a phenomenon, and that won’t be stopping anytime soon. The title is available on both iOS and Android devices, so no one is left behind. The game is free, but there are in-app purchases that can be bought with real money.

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