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Pokemon GO IV: What Are Individual Values And Why Are They Important?

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Pokemon GO

Compared to Combat Power or CP in Niantic?s game, Individual Values are definitely more important than the game?s Pokemon strength rating system. Individual Values constitute the CP rating itself, so Pokemon GO players should definitely pay attention to these hidden stats to increase their chances in winning Gym battles. Here?s what we know about Individual Values and their importance in the game.

Although Individual Values cannot be seen in the game, players were able to confirm the existence of the system through data mining. So far, there are only three Individual Values in the game, namely Attack, Defense, and Stamina. These vary among Pokemon, and players should aim for the ?perfect? values for the competitive setting. Competitive players mostly focus on improving and gaining a good number on these stats.

Technically, having a Pokemon with more points for each Individual Value stat is definitely advantageous in battles. It allows the Pokemon to trade heavy hits and take a beating if need be. Each Pokemon is assigned a different balance of these stats, but the Pokemon GO community has a list of the game?s bests and even the potentially broken ones. However, KholdStare88?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit confirms that stats aren?t everything in the competitive aspect of the game as better attack moves are also considered when training the ?best? Pokemon.

In terms of computation, Defense and Stamina improve the quality of the Pokemon as a Gym Defender. Meanwhile, Attack and the Move?s base damage decides a Pokemon?s strength in taking Gyms. If you?re up to crunching these values and trying out the formulas by yourself, the community has also made a Pokemon GO IV calculator for your convenience.

While most of the IVs for every Pokemon has already been discovered, knowing this system early and intimately will help you in the long run. Once Niantic starts releasing new Pokemon in the game, you can already gauge if they?re worth getting for competitive use. Besides the Pokemon?s usefulness in Gyms, it?s better to keep one also so you?re prepared in case Niantic buffs or nerfs them in a future patch.

For now, get comfortable with these values so you can avoid frustration from competitions and find a quick way to win Gyms in Pokemon GO. Otherwise, ignore it if you only intend to collect Pokemon in the game.

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