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Pokemon GO IV: Individual Values Checker Launching In Niantic’s Upcoming Update?

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Pokemon GO IV

Recently, Niantic confirmed the ?Pokemon Appraisal? system in Pokemon GO in version 0.35.0 on the Android and 1.5.0 update on the iOS. It seems that this new system might be the official version of the third party programs that calculate Pokemon GO IV and stats for the player?s convenience. Here?s what we know so far about the new Pokemon GO system coming in the next patch.

According to the official Pokemon GO Facebook page, in the Pokemon Appraisal system, your chosen team?s leaders will inform you about your Pokemon?s stats, strengths and potential in battle. However, Niantic didn?t confirm the system?s depth and whether it will cover the hidden Individual Values or IV of the Pokemon. Moreover, the game?s current Pokemon stat summary window may also be affected.

More than Combat Power, understanding Pokemon GO IV and CP Arcs is crucial in competing in the game?s PvP system. In regular Gym battles during the game?s peak hours, players would continuously battle and contest a Gym to take it for their own Team for the Gym bonuses. The Gym rewards may add a little boost to your in-game resources which allows you to progress further in the game. It is a valid alternative for spinning PokeStops.

Previously, third party programs supported these features as they were missing from the game. Players had to rely on these programs or compute these stats and the Pokemon GO IV if they wanted to ?understand their offense and defense strengths in competitive play. Despite the help of these third party programs, Niantic shut down such third party Pokemon GO sites and apps that intercept the game?s live server data which could potentially be dangerous for its community in the long run.

As stated in the update, Niantic has also promised more upcoming features in Pokemon GO. If possible, Niantic could include features that work similarly to the third party programs they?ve shut down to appease those fans who got disappointed when they started culling the third party apps and sites.

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