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Pokemon GO IV Calculators: Top 5 PokeAdvisor Alternatives That Can Be Used Without Getting Banned

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PokeAdvisor, the Pokemon GO IV calculator and stat tracker, has been shut down by Niantic and now players are looking for alternatives. Here is a list of 5 PokeAdvisor alternatives that won?t get you banned.

Poke Assistant

For Pokemon GO players on Reddit, this is one of the highly recommended Pokemon GO IV calculators. Players need to provide details like the type of Pokemon along with Combat Power (CP), Hit Points (HP), and Stardust on its website to determine the best and worst stat potential and evolutions. The tool does not require players to enter Pokemon GO login credentials.

Silph Road?s IV Rater

This tool also does not need the player to log in with their Pokemon GO account. To calculate IV, players are required to enter details of the Pokemon manually. It provides players with simple and advanced Pokemon IV calculators with a simple interface. It also provides base values for Attack, Defense, and Stamina for all the 151 Pokemon that are present in the game.

Silph Road IV Rater

PokeGO Master

Made for Android, this tool overlays on the Pokemon GO app. Players can simply tap on the PokeGO Master icon to calculate the individual values of Pokemon by entering details like Pokemon name, CP, HP and level.


It is also one of the widely used Pokemon GO IV calculators. It screencaps the details of the Pokemon and accordingly provides IV. The tool is currently available for Android through Github.

Google Spreadsheet Tool by AGGIXX

One of the safest Pokemon GO IV calculators is a simple Google Spreadsheet tool made by AGGIXX. Players are required to enter details of the Pokemon they have, CP, HP, dust value and mention whether the Pokemon has been powered up or not to get IV values.

Have you tried any of the above mentioned Pokemon GO IV calculators? Do you know any Poke Advisor alternatives that won?t get you banned? Do let us know by adding your comments below.

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