Pokemon GO IV Calculator: Know Which Pokemon To Keep By Knowing Their Individual Value [Update]

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While Pokemon GO focuses on catching Pokemon, the competitive side of the game also exists in the form of the Gyms. Knowing which Pokemon to keep for breeding and trades based on their high Combat Power potential may make a huge difference in the game. Additionally, knowing to read CP Arcs and Individual Value will reward you greatly once you?ve hit the late game. Here?s what we know about Individual Values so far.

Individual Values in Pokemon GO are much more simpler than the main game?s stats. Pokemon GO only has a few stats to consider, namely, Attack, Defense and Stamina. These stats are unseen in the game but they actually amplify your character?s ability as a Gym attacker or defender.

More importantly, good Combat Power ratings cannot cover a good set of these stats as CP is only a rating of a Pokemon?s stat growth. However, high CP gain means a highly balanced stat gain, so they shouldn?t be counted out in late game competitive settings. If you?re ready to crunch some Pokemon GO numbers, here?s RichiePantsBeGone?s calculator from the SilphRoad Reddit and aggixx?s easier version also from the SilphRoad Reddit.

While it?s overwhelming to read a whole spreadsheet of Pokemon stats and computations, it?s better to just check the starting CP of a considered ?Perfect? catch for that Pokemon specie and breed and evolve that one as your main Pokemon in the game. Otherwise, keep it until you find a better one or just give it to Professor Willow for some evolution Candy.

In the main Pokemon games, competitive players often spend time in perfecting Pokemon stats by continuously hatching eggs to find their preferred base stats. After that, they control their stat growth through repeated Effort Value training against certain Pokemon, no matter how significantly low their EXP gain actually is. Since Niantic?s mobile game has simpler stats and doesn?t have wild Pokemon battles, this type of competitive training makes it slightly easier for players to get the best Pokemon there is.

For starting competitive players, it?s better to keep Pokemon with relatively lower CP but lesser filled CP Arc rather than a high CP Pokemon with an almost filled CP Arc. Knowing to read CP Arcs is another thing, but Combat Power is only an average of your Pokemon?s stats and is only a rough estimation of a Pokemon?s strength. In some cases, some Pokemon with an overspecialized stat can be used to beat high CP Pokemon. You should know Individual Values if you intend to compete for Gym ownership and be the very best in Pokemon GO.


Niantic has?now shut down several third party apps of the game. However, they teased an upcoming feature that will allow players to know their Pokemon’s potential strength, which might potentially be an in-game IV checker.

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