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Pokemon GO IV Calculator: Why Calculating Individual Values Are So Important?

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Many players may not be aware of the fact that knowing the Individual Values (IV) of Pokemon can play a very important role in winning Gym battles. Hence, there are many third-party Pokemon GO IV calculators available that can be used to calculate Individual Values of Pokemon.

According to the official glossary of Pokemon Go, Combat Power (CP) is the attacking strength of the Pokemon that is measured in CP units through which players can know how well the Pokemon can perform in battle. However, CP should not be considered as the only important value of a Pokemon as Individual Values (IV) can reveal more about the strength of a Pokemon.

Individual Values are hidden stats in the game that includes values for Attack, Defense and Stamina. Even though a player has several Pokemon of same species, their individual values will be different.

These values vary across different Pokemon. Finding out the IV values of Pokemon will help the player to know the best Pokemon to use as a Gym attacker or defender. Pokemon with high IV values can trade heavy hits and they won?t get injured easily.

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Pokemon GO IV Calculators

By using Pokemon GO IV calculators, players can know the hidden IV values of the Pokemon they have collected. Its usage can play an effectively help in knowing which Pokemon they should evolve and which ones they should transfer.

Pokemon GO IV calculators provide values by considering values like CP, HP (Hit Points), how much Stardust is need to increase their power. One should be careful in using Pokemon GO IV calculators as Niantic is shutting down access to such tools. Ideally, one should avoid using Pokemon GO IV calculators that ask players to enter their Pokemon GO account login details.

Have you tried any of the Pokemon GO IV calculators? Do let us know by adding your comments below how it has helped you advance in the game.

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