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Pokemon GO Issues: All Known Problems And Phone Compatibility

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Pokemon Go

Nintendo and Niantic Labs have finally launched their AR game in several countries, but players have started reporting issues with the game. The Pokemon GO APK has already made the title available for everyone, unfortunately, fans were frustrated players with problems such as high battery consumption, location inaccuracy, poor audio and many more. On top of that, many players are not able to download the game as it is not compatible with some Android and iOS devices.

For all the Pokemon GO issues reported, developer Niantic has assured fans that the team is already working to fix the problems. The company has shared a list of all known issues, and it has also suggested fans to check their phone compatibility. Niantic also asked fans to restart their phone if the player loses Internet connectivity while purchasing Pok?Coins.

Another known issue in the AR game is with Trainer progress, as it resets to Level 1 due to multiple Pokemon GO accounts. According to Niantic, those who have created accounts with Google and Trainer Club should log out of them via Settings menu and log back with the preferred method.

Regarding the distorted audio problems, Niantic said that the issue may occur when using a Bluetooth headset, but the developer is already working on fixing the issue. The company is also working on fixing the battery drain issues, as some players reported that the game is eating up a lot of power.

Meanwhile, some players also reported to Niantic that the GPS location in the game is not accurate or unavailable. The company suggests fans to set the device?s GPS accuracy to a higher level. For those who are receiving an error regarding the unavailability of the game in their country, Niantic asks fans to check their wallet setting in Google/Apple Store to ensure their location is correct.

On Android, Pokemon GO requires Android 4.4 to Android 6.0.1. The device?s display resolution should be at least 720?1280 pixels for a better view. The game requires strong Internet connection and GPS and location functionality support. Meanwhile, the game will not run on Intel CPUs. On the other hand, all the iOS fans using iPhone 5 and above with iOS 8 and above will be able to download and play the game. The game doesn?t support jailbroken devices.

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