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Pokemon Go Issue: Having GPS Problem? Try These Tricks

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Games when they are first released tend to have bugs that bug users a lot. Pokemon Go is not an exemption. GPS problems have been reported to be a Pokemon Go issue and if you have it, you can try some of these tricks out. They just might help you catch them all–without bugs that is.

The GPS locations in the game look a bit off. Developers may be trying to clean this up now but this usually varies from device to device. Signal strength is pretty important here and be sure that GPS is enabled for the game and is switched on in high-accuracy mode. This could help in optimizing performance.

GPS Booster is an app that you can download to help you boost your GPS signal. This optimizes the efficiency of GPS on some Android devices. This though is transparent for users and works with all GPS launchers.

Another app that could help out is GPS Essentials. This is quite essential in figuring out the exact problem of your current GPS situation. It can assess whether or not your GPS signal is so strong that it gets connected to many satellites and get no fixed location. It can also tell you whether or not you have a weak internet signal and if you can?t find enough satellites. It is easy to use and lets you calibrate your smartphone?s compass.

One app that could help you too, is the GPS Status & Toolbox. It provides you with tools such as compass with magnetic and true north. It has waypoints and a leveling tool. More importantly, it allows you to see about the position and signal strength of satellites. It also keeps your GPS fast through allowing you to download A-GPS data regularly for quicker updates.

Also, what?s very important is that you have a good internet connection. This is what really matters most. Pokemon Go heavily relies on a stable and faster internet connection as a good connection ensures a stronger GPS signal.

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