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Pokemon GO iOS Login Not Working? Account Reset? How To Fix Issues Brought By New Update

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Another Pokemon GO update has caused a lot of trouble for players. Many had their accounts reset, while some iOS players are not even able to log in. Niantic has added some more info to its troubleshooting guide, as things seem to be getting worse with every single update. According to Niantic, those who are unable to log in or had their account reset can follow a simple method to troubleshoot the problem.

This August 6, Niantic?s AR mobile game will be a month old after its official launch, but players still have a lot of complaints about the game. After the latest update (0.31.0), the iOS login for Pokemon GO accounts is not working for many players. According to players, they are not able to log in, while those who successfully got in discovered that their progress had been reset.

In line with this, Niantic has released a troubleshooting guide for potential iOS login issues. To fix the problem, log out of your Pokemon GO account or reinstall the game on your device. When you are logged out completely, select the Google login option. After following the abovementioned process, you should be redirected to an app access confirmation page of your web browser (Safari). When the page loads, make sure to recheck the email ID highlighted in the right top area of your browser window.

Make sure that you log in with the right Google account which is associated to your Pokemon GO account. If the email address that appears is not the one you?re using with the game, log out of Google and log in back with the account you used to create your original account. After completing these steps successfully, log in to your account with the mobile app.

In the end, the process will redirect you to the app permission page. After clicking ?allow,? you will be able to log in, and all your progress with the game will be restored. Those who don?t feel secure with the latest Pokemon GO update can easily download and troubleshoot the iOS login issues with this method.

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