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Pokemon GO Hacks: How To Cheat on iOS Without Jailbreaking

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It has been two months since the augmented reality game, Pokemon GO, gave us some new habits for our daily life. And today, a video surfaced on the internet showing a Pokemon GO cheat by hacking the game without the need of jailbreaking your iPhone.

Cheating within the game has been a huge issue lately, even the non-cheaters are being affected. Niantic Labs has been handing out soft and permanent bans to a lot of players without regard.

While most of the users play the game legitimately, there are some people who aren?t happy about the game?s current state and they are now resorting to cheating. One of these cheats is letting the players go anywhere inside the game without moving in the real world.

However, using it also triggers the anti-cheat alarm security which bans gamers in the process. The hack surfaced last month and today, it?s been improved. A Youtube channel named ICrackUriDevice has compiled a series of videos that show the whole cheating process.

Long-story-short, players must uninstall Pokemon Go first, and then download three individual files from a Pokemon Go Hack website. Players must install the files on their iPhone using their computer. Adjusting a specific setting is required and it?s ready.

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The cheat works like this, players must trust the application and a self-sign is required. After that, it will only work on the user?s phone for seven days. The cheat can be used infinitely, however, repeating the whole process is required in order to use the cheat again.

A few minutes is only needed to use the Pokemon GO cheat. The video can be found below. Users must still take care of using cheats as Niantic is taking these cheating matters very seriously and cheaters might receive a permanent ban

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