Pokemon GO Inspired ?Harry Potter GO? Trailer Gains Niantic?s Attention? Release Date Set For Early 2017?

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Towards the beginning of this month, a?rumor started making rounds stating that Niantic is working on a Pokemon GO inspired “Harry Potter GO” game.

Following which, a?fan-conceptualized trailer of the Harry Potter GO popped up. The video gave an idea of what to expect from the upcoming game, in case it goes to production. Gaming fans can check out the trailer, released by Stargaze Media, at the bottom of this page. With this game, instead of catching pocket monsters, players will be hunting down beasts of every kind from across the globe.

Going by the video, the Marauder’s Map can be seen, followed by many?Harry Potter specific features like the umpteen wizardly academy houses, and the interaction with the wizards. Players can also collect magic cards and catch beasts. Also, players can expect spectacular combats in a magically augmented world.

According to?University Herald, this Harry Potter GO trailer caught the eyes of Niantic. The folks at this company are reportedly mulling the idea of creating the game eventually.

To top it off, folks at Niantic have reportedly acquired the rights to the Harry Potter GO game. The company apparently noted that it might include witchcraft and wizardry schools, complete with a quest system and events.

As of late, the Harry Potter GO release date is pegged for, even though Niantic has not officially announced any solid plan yet, ?early 2017? has been quoted as a reasonable time frame. Plus, the title of the game will reportedly be named “Maguss.?

The upcoming “Maguss” is believed to rely on a wizard wand. Hence, there is a good possibility that this game might not be a replica of the Pokemon GO.

Furthermore, J.K. Rowling?s Harry Potter franchise has amassed?hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. Apart from the billion dollar film series, about 450 million books have reportedly been sold thus far. To top it off, a new show is also in progress.

Hence, this is a perfect opportunity for Niantic to cash-in on the success and fame of the Harry Potter series. In fact, this game will be able to help sell more books and movie tickets.

Also, it will be a change of environment for the Pokemon GO fans to get themselves involved in schools of wizardry instead of Gyms.

Here, check out the fan-made Harry Potter GO trailer: (Video Credit: YouTube/Stargaze Media)


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