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Pokemon GO: Fans Want Incubator Bundles

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Pokemon GO might not be as big as it used to be, but it’s still a moderate success for Niantic. Still making money and adding new features, the title won’t be leaving Apple or Google app stores anytime soon. While the game has had several updates and events, fans have wondered one thing: why aren’t there incubator bundles?

Currently, the in-game store has a number of bundles for Poke Balls, Incense, and Lucky Eggs, but none for Incubators. It’s odd, since Incubators are ridiculously important in the game and fans need them to hatch Pokemon from eggs. While there don’t seem to be any plans for an Incubator bundle, fans can hope this feature gets added soon.

Incubators Make Money

A discussion on The Silph Road subreddit had fans wondering why a Pokemon GO Incubator bundle isn’t available. Some feel that the item is so important that fans will want to buy a number of them, even with real money. However, others pointed out that the importance is so drastic, it’s why the Incubators don’t have bundles.

It’s not just strong Pokemon and the new Gen 2 babies that make the Incubators important to the game. Eggs can also help players get region-exclusive Pokemon like Snorlax or Kangaskhan, making them fairly important to players. Not helping is that players only seem to get them when they level up, which can take a long time.

Future Bundles?

Niantic has made a habit to listening to fans when it comes to Pokemon GO, so an Incubator bundle could happen. These items are pretty important and the company could make some decent money by selling them in bundles. After all, players need coins to get them and they can only earn coins via gym battles or using real money.

Since the fans themselves suggested the bundle, that means they are willing to pay for it, so the company should consider it. They can even make it more expensive than the Poke Balls or the Lucky Eggs, though that’s doubtful. Until the company listens or releases an update, fans are stuck to buying them one at a time.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android devices, so pretty much anyone can get it. The game is a free download but has in-app purchases for items like the aforementioned balls and lucky eggs. A major update is on the way, which is good since the most recent one added 80 Gen 2 Pokemon.

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