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Pokemon GO: Why Increasing Your Trainer Level Is Important

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Pokemon Go

Trainer level in Pokemon GO is a major aspect that players need to increase. Leveling up in the game helps players achieve certain perks. After reaching Level 5, players can join a gym and choose a team out of the three available in the game. From battles to exploring new features and options, here?s how your trainer level affects your gameplay experience and why increasing it is important for you.

Your trainer level depends on the different activities you do in the mobile game. According to Niantic, the more experience your character earns in the game, the more you progress. When the level increases, players will start to see new and stronger Pokemon. The reward also increases, as the rare Pokemon you encounter have better Combat Points. Increasing trainer level in Pokemon GO also helps you unlock better items. From catching a Pokemon to collecting new items, everything helps you gain experience which result in increased trainer level.

After reaching certain trainer levels in the game, players get unique rewards. These rewards can be anything, from Pokeballs, to Potions, Incense, Egg Incubator and other items. These trainer levels require experience (XP). Level 1 requires 1000XP so the player can go to the next level, while level 16 requires 20,000XP and rewards players with 10 Great Balls, Hyper Potions, five Revives and five Razz Berry.

Some of these levels in Pokemon GO help you unlock new items and game features. At Level 5, Gyms, Potions and Revives get unlocked. After reaching Level 10, players get the Super Potions. At Level 12, Great Balls are unlocked, while Level 15 gives access to Hyper Potions. Players can check their Trainer Level by touching the lower left corner of the Map View. They can also check their achievements on the same page.

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