Pokemon GO Incense Trick: How To Get Unique Rare Pokemon Spawns

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Want to maximize your Incense usage in Pokemon GO? Then you better get out of the city. Several players have reported a high amount of rare Pokemon sightings when using Incense and Lures in secluded locations.

Make the Most of Your Pokemon GO Incense

On the?Silph Road subreddit, a trainer by the name of Sionarra recounted his experience during a recent trip to the beach. ?Far away from anything and the in game Pokemon radar was total blank. Popped an incense while lying in the sun and boom, a Vulpix arrived. And then some Pokemon I have never seen before in the wild here in Sweden (Ponyta, Diglets and even two Dragonairs),? he explains.

Using Incense in urban areas had only ever yielded your usual assortment of Pidgeys and Rattatas, he added. To confirm the theory, he made another trip to an isolated lake. Just like his experience at the beach, rare, never-before seen Pokemon started appearing in droves. To try this method out, you?ll need to find a location where the in-game PokeRadar is a complete blank. Setting off an Incense at that point should net you similar results.

Though still unconfirmed, several commenters on the thread have shared experiences similar to Sionarra?s.

?When I used it in rural Maine with a blank nearby map, I got things I had never seen even in the city – Voltorb, Vulpix, Pikachu (which ran away, ugh), and Cubone,? said user rbengal.

Check out the rest of thread for more first-hand experiences hunting down rare Pokemon in rural areas. Pokemon GO was always meant to get you out of the house, but now it looks like you?ll have to go a little farther if you want to catch the good stuff.

Does this theory inspire you to set off on an epic adventure? Share your Pokemon GO experiences with us in the comments below.

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