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Pokemon GO Incense: How Often Do Pokemon Spawn When Standing Still And Walking?

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Pokemon Go

Catching Pokemon is tough, and it requires a lot of patience and a plan. Luckily, there are a few workarounds to catching Pokemon, and one of them is using Incense. Since the game launched in several regions days ago, players have been using Incense or a Lure Module in hopes of making more Pokemon appear. But how often do Pokemon appear after using Incense in Pokemon GO?

Redditor omnialord recently shared his findings regarding how effective the Incense is in Pokemon GO. His findings reveal that the Incense spawns one Pokemon every five minutes; that is if the player is stable while waiting for a Pokemon. But if the player is actively moving, Pokemon will spawn once every one minute or 200 meters.

At best, the player can get at least 10 Pokemon per Incense use, if he is active all throughout. With this data, we can think of a few strategies to get the most out of the item. Even if players barely move, they can get at least six Pokemon using the Incense.

Before using the Incense, it might be better to check out the nearby Pokemon first using the Pokemon Nearby feature. Remember, fewer footprints means that the Pokemon is in proximity, while more footprints mean the Pokemon is a bit far away. The feature is especially useful as players can check if the Pokemon nearby are what they?re looking for.

Another useful tip in Pokemon GO is to first scout the area to check if it?s too crowded or jammed with traffic. The less players move, the less they get out of the Incense, so it?s better to see which areas are easier to move in. With the Incense in use, it?s also better to use the Lucky Egg since Pokemon are more likely to appear, and experience is doubled with the item.

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