Pokemon GO: Why You Should Be Hyped

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Pokemon Go

Interest in the Pok?mon Go release date is now at an all-time high. Nintendo and Pokemon Company have started talking about the game, so finally the silence about the new game is now broken. The founding member of Pokemon GO developer Junichi Masuda recently spoke about many things related to Pokemon game series. In an interview for GamesMaster, (via NintendoEverything) Masuda teased new Pok?mon Go gameplay details saying this new mobile game will bring a new kind of experience.

When talking about the release of Pokemon Go, Masuda stated that the mobile game will be launched this year. According to Masuda, Pokemon Go will be a huge game as it will allow players to trade, battle and catch in the real world.

As a programmer, writer, designer, Masuda has already worked on many titles from the Pokemon franchise. About the Pokemon Go game, Masuda says that he is actively involved in the development. According to Masuda, the new game will be very different from the other titles in the Pokemon franchise as it will allow players to explore new places and meet new friends.

Pokemon Go comes with a controller device that uses location information of players to deliver real time experience with unique creatures in certain locales. Pok?mon Go uses GPS sensors to let players catch many creatures and battle with their friends as they walk around the real world.

Those hoping for new gameplay videos at the Game Developers Conference 2016 will be disapointed as the company said they will no longer attend the event. They will instead dedicate their time in creating the game. Those residing in Japan will be able to try the game via a closed beta this year.

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