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Pokemon GO: Why The Hype Might Not Last

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Pokemon GO is barely a month old, and it?s apparent that the game is still one of the most played mobile titles out there. Developer Niantic?s goal to make Pokemon training and collecting into something closer to reality is achieved with augmented reality, but the game is not without flaws. The game has achieved a lot since the game launched, but its future is a bit hazy as of the moment. There are a couple of things that could be Pokemon GO?s downfall, and these are also the reasons why the hype might reach its end soon.

Late Game Is More Unfair Than Rewarding

The early parts of the game is fun and casual as players get to take on a slew of Pokemon that are fairly easy to catch. However, in latter parts of the game, players still encounter the same Pokemon from the beginning but only with a higher CP level. More often than not, several Poke Balls are required to capture these wild Pokemon. Players could go on kilometers only to face several Rattatas with high CP. It?s apparent that this is Niantic?s form of adjusting the game?s difficulty, but it could be too unfair for other players.

Very Few Features

There are only a few features in the game and things could get pretty repetitive, considering how players are practically forced to walk for the same reasons over and over again. Niantic has a lot in store for the game, but if they want to maintain the current popularity of Pokemon GO, they should act fast in adding more features to it.

It?s Not The Same Experience For Everyone

Capturing virtual Pokemon sounded good on paper, but not every player can attest that the concept is fair for them. For starters, not every area is riddled with Poke Stops and Pokemon Gyms, and some areas have more rare Pokemon than others. Players who live in rural areas are certainly put at a disadvantage as compared to those in the city mainly because of the availability of content. With all these points, Niantic needs to come out with serious upgrades and balancing pretty soon.

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