The Pokemon GO Hunger: See and Eat These Cute Pokeburgers

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Are you out and about Pokehunting in Sydney? Are you trying to ignore that grumbling in your tummy because nothing is more important than catching that Pokemon? Don?t let eating lunch get in the way of your Pokemon GO adventure. But don?t let Pokehunting land you in the hospital for gastritis as well! It?s best to feed that hunger with a Pokeburger.

With everyone riding on the Pokemon GO bandwagon, Down-N-Out restaurant just had to cash in on the popular game. They came up with their own take of the popular game through the Pokeburgers: Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander, but in adorable, munch-worthy burger form.

These Pokeburgers are created by Down-N-Out restaurant, which is run by Hashtag Burgers in Sydney, Australia. Hashtag?s website simply said ?We weren?t getting the #burgers we wanted. Now we are.?

The catch with this concept is that Pokemon trainers won?t be able to choose which Pokeburger they would get. The restaurant serves it to them randomly. Just like you being unable to control which Pokemon character will pop up on your phone next.

Limited quantities

According to Hashtag Burgers in their interview with Mashable Australia, the flavors and ingredients match the Pokemon?s style, character and color.

The Charmander is a little spicy, with a volcanic cheese dripping off it. The Bulbasaur is grassy and cleaner, probably for those pretending to diet. Only, it tastes like a Big Mac, so it?s probably a half cheat day treat. The Pikachu?definitely the cutest?is a bit sillier, with ?tiger fries? (that look like tortilla chips) sticking out to form ears.

pokemon burger

The spicy Charmander. (Photo credit: Hashtag Burgers)


The Bulbasaur for your half cheat day. (Photo credit: Hashtag Burgers)


The Pikachu with tortilla chip ‘tiger fries’ ears. (Photo credit: Hashtag Burgers)

Each Pokeburger costs A$15 (US$11.39) and are available in limited quantities only until September 3. Unfortunately, they don?t come in evolved versions, so if you?re that hungry, just maybe order all three. After all, you not only gotta catch ?em all, you gotta eat ?em all as well.

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