Pokemon Go: How To Reach Level 5 And Win Gym Battles To Become Best Over Others

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When a trainer has caught several Pok?mon, the next step would be to challenge a Gym to claim it. However, Pokemon Go players need to know several things to take over a Gym. Here is a low down on how to reach increasing level and winning battles to become best over others.

Reaching Level 5

In order to fight and claim a Gym, a trainer has to achieve level 5. This can be done by catching more Pokemon and by visiting PokeStops. Catching the Pokemon that has been already caught will allow the trainer to earn at least 100 extra XP.

Once the player becomes level 5 trainer, he will be prompted to join a team with options like Team Instinct in Yellow, Team Mystic in Blue and Team Valor in Red. Once it is done, Gyms of the three teams in respective colors can be found at real world locations on the map.

White colored Gyms are unoccupied ones, the player can go and claim it for the team and let a Pokemon guard it. So, when the player is away, it will protect the Gym from the enemy team. Same colored Gyms will become friendly Gyms whereas other Gyms can be counted as opponents.

Pokemon teams

Winning a Gym

One can challenge and take over any Gym of an enemy team, but before doing to one should check Prestige. The prestige level is based on the number of battles won. Hence, it would be difficult to take over a Gym with higher Prestige level.

Entering battle with the Gyms of the same team can help in increasing the Prestige. Defeating all the Gyms of the same team will result in making the player?s Gym more difficult to beat by an enemy team.

When the Prestige is reduced to zero, the leader of Gym is removed and the winner trainer can become the new leader of that Gym. Hence, winning or losing Gym battles can increase or decrease the Prestige level.

One can also increase the level of Gym. This can be done adding by more Pokemon in it. Having more Pokemon will make it difficult for opponents to claim the Gym.

Pokemon Go gym battle

Gym Battles

In order to acquire a Gym of an enemy team, a player can select up to six Pokemon to fight against a Gym leader. If the opponent has more than one Pok?mon, the Gym can be acquired after multiple battles. Each time an enemy Pokemon is defeated, the Gym?s Prestige level is lowered and if the Gym totally defeated, the Prestige level reaches zero which means the player can claim it.

Pokemon that are fatigued or injured can be healed through potions that can be availed from PokeStops. Winning battles, can also make Pokemon gain more powerful.

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