Pokemon GO: Your House Could Be A PokeStop

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Along with the Gyms, PokeStops in Pokemon GO are often places of interest for players not only for in-game use but also as a point of real world social interaction. Niantic still hasn?t filled up the maps of their current servers with ample PokeStops for every player, as rural areas don?t have PokeStops and gyms yet. However, the developers have been adding new PokeStops in the game, and players of Niantic?s older game may have an idea where they could be. In fact, your house could be a PokeStop if the game thinks that your house is a good area for its pedestrians.

According to TheAtlantic, Niantic?s Pokemon GO may either take its PokeStop mapping from Niantic?s previous game Ingress or from the company?s previous mapping work with Google. Ingress used GPS data from phones to map out convenient spots for its ?Portals.? However, the convenient spots for this augmented reality mobile game may only be for its general player base and it might not consider the owners of the property; hence, it has surprised some homeowners and other establishments. Players usually flock PokeStops and Gyms for the in-game bonuses, so it?s entirely possible that any area, even your house, could become a place of interest if the game thinks that your place is a convenient spot for its players.

Previously, Pokemon GO fans living in rural areas have confirmed that there are fewer PokeStops or Gyms in their area, thus severely hampering their experience in playing the game. Meanwhile, urban cities have been populated with enough PokeStops and Gyms. Some players in rural cities have even considered ?GPS Spoofing? just to alleviate their situation, but that trick may get you banned by Niantic. However, mutatst?s thread in the Pokemon GO Reddit confirms that new Gyms have been added. Along with Gyms, PokeStops are sure to be added, as both places of interest are important in the game?s overall gameplay. Since Niantic is busy fixing the game at the moment, adding more Gyms and PokeStops may suffice as the game?s major update if they aren?t able to release more servers in other nations.

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