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Pokemon GO Holiday Event Recap: Increased Gen 2 Egg Hatches, Longer Lure Duration, Christmas Sale, And Everything You Need To Know

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The Pokemon GO Holiday Event has officially started and with it comes new bonuses and sales for players. Unlike the previous seasonal updates, this time around, the team from Niantic has focused on a different angle.

Pokemon GO Gift Boxes

In this Christmas event, we can get a special edition ?Christmas Gift? depending on how much you would want to pay for it. You can choose between purchasing a ?Special Box?, ?Great Box? and an ?Ultra Box?. These gifts are respectively priced at 250, 550 and 1,500 Poke-coins.

For the Special Box, players will receive ten Great Balls and two Egg Incubators. The Great Box include twenty Great Balls, two Incenses and four Incubators.

Finally, for the ?Ultra Box, players can get their hands on 25 Incenses, six Incubators and twenty Ultra Balls. This promotion will be available until December 30.

Second Wave of Gift Boxes

From December 30 to January 3, there will be a new wave of boxes available. The following batch of Christmas gifts will include the Bronze Box, Silver Box and ?the ?Gold Box?.

Christmas Boosts

Another addition to this holiday event is the increased chances of hatching a Gen 2 Pokemon. This started yesterday (December 25, 2016) and will end by afternoon of January 3, 2017. So better start those needed kilometer walks if you want to get a better chance in getting a Gen 2 baby Pokemon.

As for the length of the lures starting December 30 to January 8, it will increase from 30 minutes to a full hour. This will allow players to have a better chance in catching the first gen Pokemon and their evolutions as well.

Finally, PokeStops will be giving a single-use incubator as a reward for the first spin of the day. There will also be a bigger chance to hatch Gen 2 Pokemon such as Togepi and Pichu.

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Similarly to what they did with Japan in their Lapras event, there would be more chances for getting gen one starter Pokemon as their spawn rate will be increased. With the Christmas season still ongoing, maybe this is just the start of their Pokemon GO holiday event giveaway.

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