Pokemon GO Tips: Which Pokemon Has The Highest Combat Points And How To Capture

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Combat Points or CP plays a huge role when it comes to combat in Pokemon Go . Not only it measures how much damage you can deal, but it can also predict the outcome of a battle.

However, CP isn?t the only measure of effectiveness in battle. HP also plays an important role in battle, the higher the HP the higher the survivability of your Pokemon will be. Combined with a set of skills and tactics, players could?ve ?catch em all?.

As of now, Mewtwo has the biggest CP in all of the Pokemons, although there was no confirmed sightings, he?s only shown in a trailer. Dragonite though is another story.

Dragonite?s CP is off the charts, it could go up to 3500 compared to Mewtwo?s 4144. It is commonly found on wooded areas and parks. Dragonite is far more superior than the other two dragons, namely Dratini and Dragonair.

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Dragonite is rumored to flee after players failed to hit it with Pokeballs, it is also very difficult to catch it as it breaks out in every Pokeball thrown at it.

They often hatch from 10-kilometer eggs. Though it is very rare Pokemon to find, there is still a way to catch a Dragonite. The easiest and common way is to catch Dragonair and then stack up on Dragoni Candy and use 100 candies to evolve the Dragonair to a Dragonite.

Dratini requires 25 Dragon type candies in order to evolve to Dragonair, Dragonair though require a 100 Dragon type candies in order to evolve it to Dragonite. Dragonite is the last form of the Dragon type Pokemon from the first generation.

Keep in mind that players cannot cheat the game, Dragonite again, often requires to hatch a 10-kilometer egg. The game is able to detect if the player is traveling too fast, the speed limit of the game is more or less 25mph. A bike is a preferably great choice for playing Pokemon Go

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